Lego Lord of the Rings Leaked

By Lauren Alessandra on May 10, 2012, 11:35AM EST

ShopTo, an online retailer in the UK, may have let the cat out of the bag after listing a Lego Lord of the Rings title for the Xbox 360.

Lego has recently tackled both the Harry Potter series and the Star Wars series as well as Indiana Jones and Batman, so it's only natural that they add Lord of the Rings to their repertoire. With 'The Hobbit' film in production, it's likely that Lego would want to jump at the chance to cover the series.

ShopTo has since removed the listing and it's not certain which of the books/films they would be starting with. Should they start with 'The Fellowship' or perhaps 'The Hobbit'? Only time will tell.

More information is likely to come out as we get closer to this year's E3, which takes place in less than a month's time at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Source: MCV

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