Street Fighter x Tekken Patch 1.04 Causes Freezing Glitch

By Stew Chyou on May 19, 2012, 9:27AM EST

This week saw the release of the 1.04 patch update for Street Fighter X Tekken. This update has been widely anticipated amongst fans as it addresses a number of the game's technical issues, which more or less has been accomplished.

However, on the day of its release veteran Street Fighter, Ricky Ortiz, tweeted about a concerning new game freezing glitch. This led to a two day research expedition conducted by KhaosGamingTV in which it's been discovered that when playing as, or against, Rolento, a collision between his Knife and another projectile causes the game to hang up.

Capcom has responded that a hotfix will be made to address this, but it's slated for a mid-June release. Until then, Rolento players, or those facing off against the former, may have to exercise some caution when getting trigger happy. Although Rolento is renowned for his infamous walk-up jab strings, the Knife has always been a handy tool used sparingly under a plethora of battle scenarios "“ usually to maintain distance.

While freeze glitches in Capcom fighters are nothing new, this marks the first time in which such a bug is immediately accessible. When considering the fact that this was never present prior to the 1.04, the number of glitches that still exist, and Capcom's personal disappointment in the SFxT sales figures, one can't help but wonder if the colossus has begun slipping in its climb to reach its self appointed peak.

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