The Sky Has Turned Grey In The Last Of Us Cinematic Cutscene

By Colin Tan on May 18, 2012, 5:20AM EST

Naughty Dog have found quite a bit of time under the spotlight thanks to the success of the Uncharted franchise, and their next game is easily one that is highly anticipated among fans and gamers alike. With E3 just over the horizon, the studio have released a glimpse of the horror adventure The Last of Us in the form of a cinematic cutscene.

Dubbed The Sky Has Turned Grey, lead characters Ellie and Joel are ambushed by some rather unfriendly hunters as the make their way across America in search of resources imperative to their survival.

It looks like nasty undying creatures are the least of their concerns at this point. Check out the trailer to see the gorgeous visuals and animations. We've got our fingers crossed that Naughty Dog will reveal even more the closer we get to E3.

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