Video Standards Council To Handle Game Ratings In Europe

By Lauren Alessandra on May 11, 2012, 10:27AM EST

In an effort to stop retailers from selling mature games to minors, the UK government has revamped their video game age rating system ensuring that this type of thing no longer happens.

The Video Standards Council, or VSC, will be a rating system using Europe-wide standards along with the PEGI specifications. Video game retailers will have to abide by those standards, as the VSC ensures that if they are caught selling mature games to minors, they will be sent to prison.

UKIE CEO Jo Twist says, "We are also in the planning stages of a major awareness campaign to help the public understand the system and other aspects of responsible gaming as soon as PEGI becomes law in the UK."

This new regulation system does not affect online retailers; only high-end stores, so parents aren't necessarily off the hook. Parents should still fully research a game they are buying for their children.

Source: BBC

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