E3 2012: Nintendo Press Conference Live Blog

By Colin Tan on June 5, 2012, 11:57AM EST
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Are your bodies ready for this, ladies and gentlemen? Nintendo's E3 press conference is the last of the big three, and starts in a matter of minutes on this fine day.

Expect plenty of Wii U announcements, something Nintendo President Satoru Iwata hinted at during the company's pre-E3 showing. Nintendo's always been known for "creating something unique," but will that be enough to wow gamers worldwide?

What are your predictions? More Zelda, Mario, Metroid? Mayhaps we'll see more on Ubisoft's ZombiU.

Brace yourselves. We kick off at 9:00AM PST.

10:12AM: You can check it out at e3.nintendo.com

10:12AM: Satoru Iwata is being streamed right now.

10:11AM: Ooh, pretty fireworks.

10:11AM: Before that, another look at the Nintendo theme park.

10:10AM: An in-depth look at the Wii U is coming up next.

10:10AM: Wii U's mantra is: Together. Better.

10:08AM: Nintendo has information lined up on all their social sites.

10:08AM: No need to wait in line, NintendoLand hits stores simultaneously with the Wii U's launch.

10:07AM: And now the feature trailer for NintendoLand, it looks like such a happy place.

10:06AM: But the flashlights will run out of batteries.

10:05AM: Haha, ghosts can attack players, and if they faint, other players can revive them by pointing their flashlights on them.

10:04AM: It sounds like pretty interesting gameplay, and teamwork and coordination is key.

10:04AM: Those on the Gamepad can see the ghost, while the rest can't. The Wii Remotes will rumble when you get close though.

10:03AM: They're now showing a top-down view of the Luigi's Ghost Mansion attraction.

10:03AM: Players using the Gamepad will play from a different perspective.

10:02AM: Asymmetric gameplay seems like a key focus for Nintendo.

10:01AM: Miiverse will play a significant part in NintendoLand.

10:01AM: NintendoLand is basically a virtual theme park.

10:00AM: There are five attractions playable at E3, including Zelda Battlegrounds.

9:59AM: There are twelve different attractions your Mii can enjoy.

9:59AM: Katsuya Eguchi is now explaining what players can do in NintendoLand.

9:58AM: Reggie is talking about a little something called NintendoLand.

9:57AM: And Avengers, all from Ubisoft.

9:56AM: ACIII, Rabbids, Your Shape, Rayman Legends, Sports Connection.

9:56AM: Now for the line up reel.

9:55AM: Haha, Reggie's been zombiefied!

9:55AM: Doesn't pause either. Zombies can attack while you're looking through your inventory.

9:54AM: It looks really good. First person action, and you can use the Gamepad for a variety of actions.

9:54AM: They're showing actual gameplay for ZombiU.

9:54AM: Hardcore. One bite, and you're dead in ZombiU.

9:53AM: That's going to be a new meme.

9:53AM: No wonder they called him the Puppet Master.

9:52AM: Interesting, it looks like Reggie's picking through the different moves for the dancers to perform!

9:52AM: The dancers from yesterday are back!

9:51AM: Xavier Poix, that's an impressive name, is now on stage with Reggie showing off Just Dance 4.

9:50AM: Reggie and Yves are conversing about the Wii U's unique controls.

9:50AM: Games? Sounds like Ubisoft has more than just ZombiU in the works.

9:49AM: Yves Guillemot takes the stage.

9:49AM: Obviously on the 3DS.

9:48AM: There's an exclusive handheld version as well.


9:47AM: This looks amazing.

9:47AM: You can use the Gamepad to scan for hidden criminals!

9:46AM: I don't even! It's LEGO L.A. Noire!

9:46AM: Fight crime in LEGO City, an open world game for the Wii U!

9:46AM: What the, that was it? What about Theatrhythm? Beyond the Labyrinth?

9:45AM: Mirror of Fate, Epic Mickey, Scribblenauts, Kingdom Hearts 3D.

9:44AM: Now for the third party line up.

9:44AM: It's out this holiday season.

9:43AM: Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon! We saw a bit of this last year, and it still looks great!

9:43AM: Aww, here comes Luigi's Mansion!

9:42AM: It looks like a simple card-based (well, sticker-based) combat system.

9:42AM: You can collect stickers from right off the scenery, and use them as battle commands.

9:41AM: Paper Mario Sticker Star announced! It looks awesome!

9:41AM: New Super Mario Bros. 2 available August 19, wow that's fast.

9:40AM: That really was a tease.

9:40AM: "It's all about the gold."

9:40AM: New Super Mario Bros. 2 for the 3DS announced!

9:39AM: The stream can be found at e3.nintendo.com

9:39AM: Live tomorrow night at 6PM PST devoted to 3DS games.

9:38AM: Nintendo of America's VP of Sales and Marketing Scott Marfitt is up on stage to talk about the 3DS and its line up.

9:38AM: Looks like a decent party game.

9:37AM: Song lyrics show up on the Gamepad display, while everyone else can dance along.

9:37AM: SiNG (Working Title) "is the performance game that let's everyone play."

9:36AM: Sounds like Just Dance might be up next. Or is it Rocksmith?

9:36AM: That was the Fit Meter that lady beamed at the Gamepad.

9:35AM: Cool, you can upload data straight to the console.

9:35AM: Wow, he burned 140 kcal from holding up the Gamepad. Impressive.

9:35AM: It uses both the balance board and Wii U Gamepad to make you sweat more than you'd like.

9:34AM: WiiFit U announced!

9:33AM: More than 43 million units of Wii Fit and Wii Fit Plus have been sold to date.


9:33AM: Reggie just called the Wii Fit a plastic bathroom scale!

9:32AM: Ninja Gaiden 3: Razer's Edge, Aliens Colonial Marines.

9:31AM: Darksiders 2, Mass Effect 3, Tank! Tank! Tank!, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Trine 2.

9:31AM: Looks like we've got a line up reel showcase!

9:30AM: Scribblenauts Unlimited will be for Wii U and 3DS.

9:28AM: Jeremiah Slaczka presents Scribblenauts Unlimited!

9:28AM: Tremblay now talks Scribblenauts!

9:27AM: Think Snake Eater 3D, but Batman. A lot of his gadget access has now been moved to the Wii U Gamepad display.

9:27AM: A lot of mention sensor stuff going on.

9:26AM: New VAT mode unveiled!

9:24AM: FIRST PERSON COWL VISION! So friggin' amazing!

9:23AM: Can you use the Gamepad like one of Batman's gadgets!?

9:24AM: Arkham City: Armoured Edition announced! Let's see some gameplay footage!

9:23AM: Harley Quinn just introduced Martin Tremblay, President of Warner Bros. Entertainment!

9:23AM: Third party titles incoming! Batman: Arkham City is on!

9:22AM: Wii Remotes/Gamepads can be used to improve your clear time.

9:22AM: There are Yoshis!

9:22AM: First look at New Super Mario Bros. U! It looks awesome!

9:20AM: New Super Mario Bros. U Announced. Quite casually. Good show Reggie. Good show.


9:20AM: Sadly, Miiverse will not be available on launch day.

9:19AM: Nice, you can capture screenshots. Emoticons confirmed.

9:19AM: You can send text messages, or write messages with the stylus, straight from here.

9:18AM: Your friends, family, and players you've met will crowd this Main Street, crowding around trending game/app tiles.

9:18AM: "You may think of it as Main Street."

9:17AM: Reggie's now talking about Miiverse.

9:16AM: Pretty standard control setup, clickably sticks, triggers, gyroscopes, cameras, etc.

9:16AM: And now a quick tour video is playing.

9:16AM: At least two people can use the Wii U Gamepad simultaneously, while others can use the Pro Controller, or Wii Remotes.

9:15AM: Excellent. They've upgraded from one to dual Gamepad support.

9:14AM: Now he's talking about the Wii U Gamepad.

9:13AM: He's pimping Nintendo.com, as well as their Facebook pages, YouTube and Twitter.

9:13AM: Reggie won't be explaining how Wii U works, he's gonna show us games. Beautiful. I think I'm tearing up.

9:13AM: It's how you enjoy that content that makes it truly unique.

9:12AM: Three pillars of Wii U: Games, Social, Entertainment.

9:11AM: Colour me impressed. There are 20 Wii U games lined up for this morning.

9:11AM: It's all about the games today!

9:10AM: Reggie Fils-Aime takes the stage!


9:09AM: Don't let the visuals fool you.

9:09AM: Pikmin's looking as strategic as ever.

9:09AM: Challenge mode tasks players with collecting fruits, as much as possible.

9:08AM: You can switch between leaders on the fly. Very nice.

9:08AM: Sweet, it can also be used to control the Pikmin, up to four leaders!

9:07AM: The Wii U Gamepad's screen will display the game map.

9:06AM: A new Pikmin has been discovered! Rock Pikmin!

9:05AM: Pikmin 3 looks adorable! Great graphics, impressive visuals and the controls look simple enough!

9:05AM: There it is! PIKMIN 3! Miyamoto announced this at a roundtable event last E3.

9:01AM: Miyamoto is explaining that the Wii U should hopefully be the first screen people go for, changing the relationship between TV and games.

9:01AM: The Wii U Gamepad on show is black! It's got the new analog sticks.

9:03AM: Miyamoto goes straight for the jugular. The Wii U is first up on the plate.

9:03AM: Good show Mr. Miyamoto! He just whistled Bill over to translate!

9:03AM: He wants to speak about Pikmin! They're everywhere!

9:02AM: Haro to you too Mr. Miyamoto.

9:01AM: And the crowd goes wild as Mr. Miyamoto takes center stage!


9:01AM: It's started! We're looking at Mr. Miyamoto's room.

8:59AM: One minute to go!

8:57AM: That's a huge crowd, and they look pretty excited.


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