E3 2012: Sony Press Conference Live Blog

By Colin Tan on June 4, 2012, 9:00PM EST

Here we go, guys and girls. Sony's press conference is about to take off in a matter of minutes. We've seen Microsoft's presser, EA, and Ubisoft, with the latter two having quite a showing of software. Will Sony be able to show all of them up?

We've got The Last of Us, David Cage's project, Injustice, God of War: Ascension, PlayStation All Stars and maybe even a whole lot of Vita announcements! We've also got our fingers crossed for Kevin Butler's amazing return.

So with that in mind, let's get started! The conference kicks off at 6PM on the West Coast.

7:26PM: And that's a wrap.

7:26PM: Yea we're sad there was no Kevin Butler either.

7:25PM: Press Conference wrap up is coming up next.

7:25PM: The Last of Us looks amazing.

7:24PM: Oh, he just took a shotgun shell to the face.

7:22PM: You'll be able to combine items to make molotov cocktails! Presumably they'll be more items that you can make.

7:22PM: Joel's using one of the enemies as a body shield, the AI reacted to it by holding their fire!

7:21PM: It looks like you'll be able to peak around corners.

7:21PM: Gunshots count. Joel's taking quite a beating.

7:21PM: Cue the first cinematic chokehold.

7:20PM: Here we go! First enemy encounter! Stealth is a big mechanic.

7:20PM: So far, it looks like a standard third person action game. A very beautiful one.

7:19PM: Remember, Joel's seen the world before it fell. It's Ellie's first time out of a sanctuary.

7:18PM: Joel and Ellie are in a flooded city.

7:18PM: First proper gameplay footage of The Last of Us!

7:18PM: Yep. Naughty Dog are picking up from where they left of!

7:17PM: Sounds like The Last of Us.

7:17PM: The lights have gone out.

7:16PM: Kratos, leaping head first into Krakens March 12, 2013.

7:16PM: Kratos just gutted out the elephant man's brains.

7:15PM: And he does it again! The facial animations are stunning.!

7:15PM: Wow. Kratos just went berserk!

7:13PM: The Quicktime finishers are just as brutal as ever.

7:12PM: That looked like a new time-based magic spell.

7:12PM: Something just threw a ship at Kratos. Bad decision.


7:10PM: He just picked up a weapon and is kicking goatman ass!

7:09PM: Kratos is back. He looks as gorgeous and angry as ever.

7:08PM: YES! A sneak peak at God of War: Ascension!

7:06PM: That thing is huge!

7:06PM: HTC will be the first non-Sony group partner!

7:05PM: New PlayStation Certified phones will be released this year!

7:05PM: Ok, House is back. PlayStation Suite is up next.

7:03PM: I think it's safe to say this game isn't on fire.

7:02PM: Zzz.

6:59PM: Ok. My body is ready for this. Fire exits are thataway.

6:58PM: You can turn the book around for a 3D look at paper theaters and story events.

6:57PM: Lots of awkward wand waving going on.

6:57PM: You can learn spells from the Harry Potter series.

6:56PM: At least the music is nice. Dave Raynard is talking about Book of Spells and what players can expect.

6:55PM: I'll be honest. I'd rather play Sorcery.

6:55PM: Does anyone care?

6:54PM: J.K. Rowlings Book of Spells will be the first to release on Wonderbook.

6:54PM: One of the first new IPs for Wonderbook is called Diggs Nightcrawler, a tale inspired by noir narratives.

6:53PM: That's admittedly a very nice concept.

6:52PM: House just announced Wonderbook for the PS3. It uses AR tech with the PlayStation Eye to bring story books to life.

6:52PM: Getting EyeToy vibes from this.

6:51PM: The President and Group CEO is talking about a new innovative device.

6:51PM: Sorry. I promise that's the last pun tonight.

6:51PM: Andrew House is in the house!

6:50PM: PlayStation Move is up next.

6:49PM: PS3 will be getting exclusive FarCry 3 DLC. No details.

6:49PM: Good job Dan Hay! Massive single-player, dedicated co-op, and can't forget the FarCry 3 map editor!

6:48PM: Nice. It ended with a lovely explosion.

6:48PM: Looks like you'll be able to spot your teammates even if they're behind walls. They're highlighted with a blue silhouette, much like Left 4 Dead.

6:47PM: Ignoring that. The gameplay looks awfully fun.

6:47PM: It's pretty hectic. They're all yelling at each other, not sure if that's teamwork or what.

6:46PM: Wow that guy can't shoot.

6:45PM: 4-player co-op for FarCry 3 has just been confirmed!

6:45PM: FarCry 3's Dan Hay is on stage now!

6:45PM: Tretton is back, and he's just announced an ACIII PS3 system bundle, which includes a PS3, the game and bonus DLC.

6:44PM: Absolutely stunning.

6:43PM: The storm is still raging.

6:42PM: Forget tower defence mini-games. This incredibly cinematic sea skirmish takes ACIII to a whole other level.

6:41PM: You can see the dynamic weather system at work. A storm has just kicked in and the waves are knocking the ship about.


6:41PM: Wow. This is some intense ship battles.

6:40PM: You can control an entire ship!

6:40PM: Beautiful, ACIII takes the battle out to sea!

6:39PM: Whoa. New footage of Assassin's Creed III!

6:38PM: Liberation is out October 30, and Tretton also just revealed the Crystal White PlayStation Vita bundle!

6:38PM: And there'll be cross-platform bonuses like unlockable weapons and accessories with ACIII for PS3.

6:37PM: The first ever female assassin in the franchise. Awesome.

6:37PM: I'm sold. There's tree climbing action in this!

6:36PM: They're now showing Assassin's Creed III: Liberation for the Vita! It looks amazing!

6:35PM: Tretton just announced Call of Duty: Black Ops - Declassified for PlayStation Vita.

6:34PM: YouTube, Hulu, and Crackle Television are coming to Vita!

6:33PM Including Tomb Raider and Final Fantasy!

6:33PM: YES! The one thing we've all been waiting for. PSOne Classics on Vita!

6:32PM: Wow everyone in the conference gets a one-year subscription of PS Plus for free!

6:31PM: PS Plus subscribers are getting inFamous 2, LittleBigPlanet 2, and Saints Row 2 for free.

6:30PM: Tretton's touting PSN as the best place for indie game titles.

6:29PM: You can use the PS Vita as a controller, and all its control inputs, to control LittleBigPlanet.

6:29PM: Awesome. Coming soon is a "Cross-controller DLC" for LittleBigPlanet 2.

6:28PM: Sweet, All-Stars is out this holiday season for PS3/Vita.

6:27PM: Just like the leak said! Mr. Bubbles is coming to play (Big Daddy from BioShock)

6:27PM: Hell yeah! It's Nathan Drake!

6:26PM: Two new characters!

6:26PM: It actually looks like a lot of fun!

6:25PM: This looks like a souped up Super Smash Bros.

6:24PM: Haha, Fat Princess' Level 2 Super is Fat Chicken! Awesome!

6:23PM: Looks like Supers have tiered levels. Sweet Tooth and Fat Princess are kicking ass.

6:23PM: Sweet Tooth is owning.

6:23PM: Each character has their own unique play style.

6:22PM: Players can score points by fighting for control over a certain kind of energy.

6:22PM: Excellent. All-Stars will feature PS3/Vita CrossPlay.

6:20PM: Sly.

6:20PM: Fat Princess.

6:20PM: Sweet Tooth.

6:20PM: Kratos.

6:20PM: PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale is up next!

6:19PM: Tretton's back and he's talking about the Michael Tribute video.

6:19PM: Beyond will feature choice and consequences, much like previous games from Quantic.

6:18PM: Sony's off to a great start!

6:17PM: Who is Ivan?

6:17PM: I need a change of pants.

6:17PM: Oh. My. Goodness.

6:16PM: Don't open it, it's a trap!

6:16PM: SWAT's just broke in, they're going for her!

6:15PM: The real question is, when are they going to show the gameplay?

6:14PM: Was that a ghost? Or is she psychic?

6:13PM: As expected of Quantic, this is really good stuff.

6:13PM: Real-time footage is looking really impressive.

6:12PM: Ellen Page!

6:11PM: Whoa! Guess who's playing Jody Holmes?

6:11PM: You follow Jody's story as she grows through 15 years of her life.

6:10PM: Looks like it's about the paranormal.

6:10PM: It's called Beyond: Two Souls.

6:09PM: YES! It's Quantic Dreams' project! Here comes David Cage!

6:09PM: A completely new IP!

6:08PM: Jack loves him some Kaz. He's talking up Kaz's contribution to the PlayStation brand.


6:08PM: PS4? What do you guys think?

6:07PM: Here we go. Tribute to the gamers! NEVER STOP PLAYING!

6:06PM: Wow, lined up since 9? That's dedication!

6:05PM: Ew, please don't soak us in.

6:05PM: "Too much hair-gel" Jack Tretton takes the stage!

6:03PM: Commencing Virtuous Mission on PS Vita!

6:02PM: Great start, a flash of God of War: Ascension, PlayStation Vita, Move and a lot of dubstep.

6:01PM: And the lights go out.

6:01PM: Here we go, the conference is starting.

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