Sony Reveals PS3 Super Slim At TGS 2012

By Darryl Kaye on September 19, 2012, 8:17AM EDT

Sony has confirmed long-standing rumours that they were developing a new version of the PlayStation 3 by announcing the PS3 super slim at this year's Tokyo Game Show.

The console will weigh only 2.1kg, which is 20 percent lighter than the current PS3 slim. It is also 25 percent smaller than the current PS3 slim.

Shoppers will also be glad to know that the console goes on sale very soon - the 28th of September in the UK. This will be the first of two options, with this having a 500GB hard-drive. Another version will be arriving on the 12th of October which will feature a 12GB flash drive. The 500GB model will retail for approx £250, while the 12GB model will retail for approx £180.

To complement the announcement, Sony will also be releasing a new range of budget games. Some of them will be available in shops, but others will be download only.

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