Dokuro Hits PSN Next Week

By Shawn Collier on October 10, 2012, 12:10PM EST

The recent established North American branch for GungHo announced that one of their first games to be localized would be the PlayStation Vita title Dokuro, which was originally set for a Fall 2012 release. The publisher has announced the finalized release date --- and it's coming up soon.

Players will take control of Dokuro, a stoic and diminutive skeleton who serves as a minion in the Dark Lord's army. After witnessing his master's kidnapping of a helpless Princess for a forced marriage, Dokuro resolves to free the Princess from the Dark Lord's treacherous, monster-infested castle. Though invisible to her in his normal form and somewhat limited in his abilities, Dokuro finds a mystical blue potion that contains the formula to transform him into a dashing hero with enhanced physical prowess.

Dokuro will be available for $19.99 exclusively on PlayStation Network as a digital download on October 16.

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