Need For Speed Most Wanted Cross-Buy Still Uncertain

By Spencer Pressly on October 24, 2012, 12:48PM EST

With the US release of the latest entry in the Need For Speed franchise Most Wanted is coming next week and the potential for cross buy has still not been ruled out. The PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita version will be feature complete with each other, but the Vita version has four player multiplayer while the the consoles have eight.

After announcing cross-buy at gamescom fans have been wondering if Most Wanted will be the first 3rd party game to support it. Electronic Arts has put this under consideration, but with only six days till release you think we would have an answer by now.

I reached out to the official Need For Speed twitter account for any update on the situation. "No official word on that yet, but stay tuned for more details." said @NeedforSpeed. Also when asked about if there will be any updates before the game launches, they had this to say "6 more days!".

You would think that announcing cross-buy for one of the most anticipated racing games early could only help the game. This goes double since the Vita needs more reasons for people to pick it up. What do you think of the lack of cross-buy information from EA and will you be picking up Most Wanted? Let us know in the comments below.

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