Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller Episode 1 Causing Possible PC Harm

By Stew Chyou on November 8, 2012, 2:45PM EST

Last week, Phoenix Online Studios released Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller Episode 1, the first installment of the psychometric adventures of FBI agent Erica Reed as she tracks down the killer of her younger brother using her psychic abilities. The game is available for digital purchase through Rain Digital, Gamestop, and GamersGate. However, is the game truly ready for consumer interests?

PC games having hiccups during their first week of release isn't unheard of but per Phoenix Online's tech support forum, many problems have been brought up and not just bugs, but PCs registering the installer file as a virus, DRM issues (which has caused demands for refunds), and the setup file itself causing Windows Explorer to crash as read here.

But don't just take the posters' words for it. This humble reporter, who had plans to review the game, experienced the same Windows Explorer issue. Not only did the installer do nothing, the mere presence of its icon caused unseen heavy stress to my explorer. After spending a good part of my evening rebooting my computer (at least 7 times), it finally dawned that none of this occurred until the installer was presented into my PC. However, with explorer suffering kidney stone level pains, deleting the file seemed impossible, until I finally went into Safe Mode in order to have it done. In the meantime, my anti-virus seemed completely confused by the setup file as it stalled while scanning it. Although shaken up by the experience, my computer fortunately made a post-op (literally) recovery.

Thus far, the only recommendation given by the "tech gurus", for all related problems, involves disabling one's anti-virus software (yikes) just to have the installer activate. That, or as indicated by the forums, straightforward answers or even a solid assurance of resolutions seems to be in short supply amongst Phoenix staff.

Computers are odd as no two will experience the same qualms thus luckily not everyone has experienced the same issues. However, one must ask if the possibility of placing their systems under potential harm is worth the ten bucks or any amount of faith?

We contacted Reverb Publishing about the issue and were offered an apology, but were given no assurances that any of the problems were being fixed. We're hoping that either Reverb or Phoenix Studios will offer some serious fixes to the problems being encountered by gamers.

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