Dead Or Alive 5 Plus For PS Vita Coming March 2013

By Spencer Pressly on December 30, 2012, 5:27PM EDT

Dead Or Alive 5 may have released this fall, but Team Ninja continues to support the title and is now bringing out a PS Vita version with brand new features. This portable version will be releasing March 19, 2013 and will support cross-play between the PS3 version. Costumes can also be bought once and then downloaded onto both systems for no extra charge.

Whether you are a newcomer or veteran to the DOA series, this version will include new modes that are sure to keep you occupied. Touch Play Mode will let you fight in two different ways using touch controls. First, by turning the Vita vertically you can fight in first person and tap your opponent where you want to attack. Second, touch, flick and pinch the screen to attack with more options then simply tapping. Now you can finally see what it is like becoming your favorite fighter.

Training Plus will let you hone your skills by playing through challenge missions. Each mission will offer something new and still useful. Rounding out the new features will be more detailed frame data. There will be three times the amount of detail than in the original game and add more more information like delay interval frames, move, reach and more.

Expect to see more information on this latest fighter being brought over to the Vita. Will you be picking up DOA5 Plus or are you contempt with the console version already? Let us know in the comments below.

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