Sega Targets Level-5 For Patent Infringement

By Lauren Alessandra on December 12, 2012, 5:42PM EDT

Some bad news for Level-5 fans as Sega is now attempting to sue the development company for using a patented in-game mechanic in their Inazuma Eleven series.

According to Sega, Level-5's extremely popular football/RPG hybrid title, used a gameplay mechanic which lets players move their characters using their stylus on the DS' touch screen. Sega's overall objective is to halt the sale of all eight Inazuma Eleven titles. They are also hoping for a large sum of 900 million yen in damages.

Level-5 plan to fight against Sega's claims, however they have no additional comments to make at this time. Opening statements took place on December 7th, so hopefully we will be receiving updates on this regard soon.

Source: Kotaku

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