Atlus USA Now Offering Code Of Princess And Demon Souls Digitally

By Spencer Pressly on January 8, 2013, 12:49AM EST

Atlus USA has announced that the newly released Code of Princess and classic title Demons Souls will become downloadable titles this week. Code of Princess released back in October of 2012 on the 3DS and Demons Souls released in America back in 2009.

Code of Princess is now on the North American 3DS eshop for the same price as a physical copy at $39.99. This side scrolling brawler was given many positive reviews and you can read what we thought of this title on our review here.

Demons Souls still remains the companies best selling game and is no surprise with such a different take on the fantasy RPG genre. This downloadable version will release on North American PSN January 8 for $19.99. Demons Souls is the title that inspired Dark Souls and the two are still great to go back and play no matter what game you tried first. If you need more convincing on this legendary title check out our review here as well.

Since Atlus USA is not known for printing as many games as other big publishers, it is great to see downloadable versions after the physical copies may be harder to find after release. Do you plan on picking either of these two games up for download or what other Atlus titles would you like to see for future download? Let us know in the comments below.

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