Dead Space 3 Shows Off New Kinect Features

By Spencer Pressly on January 8, 2013, 1:41AM EST

Dead Space 3 supporting Kinect is nothing new if you have been following the game, but now EA has released a trailer showing off the games co-op voice commands. If anyone is familiar with Mass Effect 3 and its voice commands, this is practically the same feature. The only difference is Dead Space 3 focuses on co-op.

Sad to say this trailer doesn't show off anything appealing for anyone looking forward to something new. Besides walking and aiming around almost every other command you can do with the buttons can now be shouted out to your Kinect and performed that way. Why you would rather talk to your Kinect instead of pressing a single button is up to you.

Hopefully Viseral Games will show off more unique features with Kinect before the game releases. At the moment this feature seems like a simple way to add a new feature to the box. Are you interested by Dead Space 3 using Kinect or should games just stop being "Better with Kinect"? Let us know in the comments below.

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