Final Fantasy All The Bravest Is The Mysterious New Game

By Melissa Evans on January 16, 2013, 9:54PM EST

Following this weeks announcement, Square Enix has revealed that the title they were teasing is indeed an iOS title but one we weren't expecting. Its called Final Fantasy All The Bravest. It stars characters from various Final Fantasy games.

Final Fantasy All The Bravest uses an Active Time Battle system that has players rapidly battling enemies to advance the game. The characters must fill up their ATB gauge to attack, and tapping multiple characters performs attacks one after another. There is a mode called "Fever" that appears every 3 hours. You can attack without waiting for the ATB gauge to fill up. As long as the chocobo-themed music is playing the goal is to do as much damage as possible before the mode ends. There are over 20 different jobs from the series and the soundtrack will consist of over 30 songs from classic FF games. Check out the video below to see the game in action.

The game will cost players $3.99 in North America and is available to own today. There is an additional charge for more characters. An in-game shop allows 35 characters from past Final Fantasy games to be bought to use for $0.99 each. Although you will not be able to choose what character to buy as the game picks one at random. Also additional stages from Final Fantasy VII, X and XIII will buyable for $3.99 each.

Final Fantasy All The Bravest is now available in New Zealand, Japan, and America for iphone and ipad.

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