Get Excited For Tomb Raider's Multiplayer With New Info, Screens, and Artwork

By Melissa Evans on January 20, 2013, 4:48PM EST

In Tomb Raider's multiplayer the island's indigenous scavengers are the enemies that attack the crew of the shipwrecked Endurance. This will be set in the most dangerous areas of the island as players will use the hunting and trap setting skills they learned in single players to take out each enemy.

Darrell Gallagher, Studio Head has stated 'For me, the multiplayer has to fit and it has to be fun. We've worked hard to make multiplayer fit seamlessly with the single player game and its key themes and we've play-tested the hell out of the multi-player game, it's working well and gamers are enjoying it. Now we're all just eager to get Tomb Raider into gamers' hands in March so they can experience the entire game for themselves.'

So far the known modes that you can take part in consist of Team Death Match and Rescue. In Team Death Match 2 teams of four players must survive against the Solarii. The first team to score 25 kills or have the most kills before time runs out wins. Rescue mode consists of survivors bringing back medical supplies to the team base in sort of a capture the flag like scenario. You must grab 5 medical supplies to win.

Some of the weapons that will be used in the game have also been detailed. The spike trap lets you set a trip wire by taping X. Any one that walks through it will be killed intimately. Snare traps are already placed in levels and must be activated. If a player is caught they will hang upside down with their pistol out and is able to shoot. Aiming at the rope will free you. Loose rocks can be shot to create rock fall traps that will fall and kill players below them. As a level specific weapon turrets also can be activated by pressing X to make them go into turret mode. This turrets have unlimited ammo but will overheat, requiring them some time to cool down. Lightning rods are found in the beach level and when activated show an icon for the friendly team that they are set up. If enemies should enter the zone around the rod they will be struck by lightning and killed.

Check the box down below for a more detailed look at mulitplayer and character artwork.

This is just the tip of ice burg of what we will be seeing in Tomb Raiders multilayer on March 5th when it arrives on PS3, 360, and PC.

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