Nintendo Explains Wii U Updates And Virtual Console

By Spencer Pressly on January 23, 2013, 5:27PM EST
Wii U

The Nintendo Direct today might as well have been called 'Here is why you should buy a Wii U show'. Now Nintendo has decided to detail the next big system updates coming to the Wii U this spring and summer. These updates will address some issues such as faster system speed, launching games faster, and speed up returning to the Wii U home menu.

These issues will not be addressed at once and split between the two updates. The Spring update will address starting games faster and the Summer update will sort out the speed for returning to the home menu.

After this Spring update, the Virtual Console will be available sometime later. The Virtual Console will will not have the entire library that is available on the Wii either. At first there will only be NES and SNES games available to download. If you own a game on the Wii Virtual Console you will be able to redownload these titles at a reduced price on your Wii U. Rebuying NES games will set you back $.99/ £.99 and SNES game are $1.49/ £1.49.

These Wii U versions will let you have instant saves and let you play from the comfort of your gamepad. What do you think about the update and repaying for past Virtual Console games? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Source: Nintendo

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