PSN Maintenance Lasting Until Saturday Morning

By Spencer Pressly on January 19, 2013, 4:21AM EST

A scheduled PlayStation Network maintenance on Thursday the 17th of January has now left users offline for the past two days. The reasoning for this maintenance is due to " upgrade the software for the PlayStation Network" according to the PlayStation Knowledge center. Users can now no longer sign in even if you were online five days prior to the maintenance.

Sony has yet to provide much more of an explanation with the situation and continue to delay the service going back online. As of this writing PSN should be back online around 2:00am PDT (5:00am Eastern) Saturday January 19th.

If this changes at all expect us to let you know as soon as possible. Has this outage affected your gaming recently? Let us know your thoughts on the outage in the comments below.

Source: PlayStation Knowledge Center

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