Capcom Release New Monster Hunter 4 Trailer, Share More Tri Ultimate Multiplayer Info

By Jared Scott on February 21, 2013, 4:15PM EST
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It's not often that information on Monster Hunter is released, but when it is, it's often good. This time is no exception because not only is there more news about Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, but also a new trailer for Monster Hunter 4.

For Nintendo 3DS owners, Capcom limited multiplayer to either being local or online via a Wii U with a copy of the game. Today a bit more flexibility was added. To play online with the 3DS, a LAN adapter must be purchased for the Wii U. Then, after downloading the needed software from the Wii U eShop, a single 3DS can use online multiplayer at a time. This appears to be doable even if you do not own a Wii U copy of Monster Hunter Tri Ultimate. However, this has only been confirmed for Japan as of now.

As for the Monster Hunter 4 video, some details, old and new, were shown for the upcoming game. Two weapons you may have heard about were shown in action. The pole arm inspired weapon allows hunters to leap into the air to attack, land on a monsters back, and even fire projectiles. The charge-axe will remind some of the switch-axe from Monster Hunter Tri. It looks like a sword and shield, but the shield is rather large. Other than using it sword and shield style, the narrow blade can be inserted into the shield forming a small, but wide axe. Just like its name suggests, you can charge you attacks which appears to inflict either elemental or status damage.

Some footage was also on the Feral Wyvern status. It showed monsters such as Tigrex and the Congalala coming back to life after it was slain, but with an intimidating purple aura and a bad attitude. Two new wyverns were teased as well. One looks like a cross of Shinra from Dragon Ball Z and a parrot, while the other was only given about three seconds of face time. It had a snake-like body as well, but was far larger than its mutant parrot cousin. The wyvern that inflicted the Feral Wyvern status made an appearance to. It is perhaps the most intimidating of the monsters with a dark body, white, black, and purple wings, and a nasty set of attacks.

One last thing to note was the emphasis on using the environment to change fighting tactics. This time, however, it was also the monsters that used it. The rubbery Gypceros can be seen running on walls chasing the hunter as it spews poison every few steps it takes. For hunters, they can jump onto platforms, climb up a wall to attack an angry Khezu, and even jump onto a monster's back to give it a few shanks of the carving knife.

While the online news for Monster Hunter Tri Ultimate is good news, the footage for Monster Hunter 4 looks promising. While it's in need of a few graphical touch ups, it very well could be a worthy successor to the series for its gameplay alone.

Source: Operation Rainfall, Nintendo Feed

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