Ground Zeroes And FOX Engine Getting Shown Off At GDC 2013

By Spencer Pressly on February 14, 2013, 12:10PM EST

Hideo Kojima is no stranger to the Game Developers Conference and this year he will be showing off his latest game engine, the FOX engine. This is the engine that will be used to create the next Metal Gear game Ground Zeroes. Photorealism through the eyes of a 'Fox is the name of the in-depth demonstration Kojima will be doing with his production team.

The FOX engine was shown off at E3 2011 and a full demo for Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes was shown off for the 25th anniversary of Metal Gear as well. This will be a much more technical showcase for the game and new engine, but still interesting to see what Kojima Productions has been working on since moving on from Metal Gear Solid: Rising.

With the upcoming release of a brand new Metal Gear game and more information coming out about the future for the long running series, 2013 is sure to delight many Metal Gear fans. What do you hope to see next from the Metal Gear series with Ground Zeroes? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Source: GDC 2013

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