It's Official, Sony Unveil The PS4

By Darryl Kaye on February 21, 2013, 9:43AM EST

As expected, Sony Computer Entertainment unveiled the PlayStation 4 to the world last night during its PlayStation Meeting press conference in New York.

Speculation had been rife for weeks, after it had been revealed that Sony would be holding a mammoth press conference with over 2,000 people in attendance from around the world. The most common theory was that the publisher would be announcing the PS4, and that turned out to be true.

Although the physical console wasn't shown during the conference, Sony took the time to talk about some of its upcoming features, while also showcasing some exciting new games that are currently in development.

On the hardware side, the PS4 will feature an AMD "Jaguar" 8-core CPU. It will also house 8GB of GDDR5 RAM and have a custom AMD Radeon graphics card. The PlayStation Eye will be re-worked for the new system, making use of two 1280x800 resolution cameras and a four-channel microphone. The PlayStation Vita will also connect with the PlayStation 4, with it able to act as a third screen device.

When looking at the software, Sony showed off some impressive first-party demos for Killzone: Shadow Fall (Killzone 4) and inFamous: Second Son (inFamous 3). There were also new IPs shown from Sony in the form of Driveclub (Evolution Studios) and Knack (SCE Japan Studio).

From third-party developers, it was announced that Diablo 3 would be coming to the PS4, as well as Ubisoft's Watch Dogs, Bungie's Destiny and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Elsewhere, The Witness, which is the latest game from Jonathan Blow, will now be a timed exclusive on the PS4, Square Enix teased a new Final Fantasy game, which would also be exclusive for the PS4 and Capcom showed off a game that's tentatively titled Deep Down.

To find out more about how it all went down, check out our PlayStation Meeting live blog from yesterday evening.

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