New PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royal DLC Detailed

By Spencer Pressly on February 27, 2013, 2:20PM EST

After the first wave of new fighters, minions, and a stages PlayStation All-Stars has already announced new DLC for the fighter coming next month. On March 19th, you can download Isaac Clarke from Dead Space and Zeus fom God of War as two brand new fighters. There will even be a new crossover stage available that mashes the PSone classic MediEvil with the recent PSN indie hit The Unfinished Swan.

Pricing is still unknown at this time, but there is already quite a bit of footage out there to show you what this brand new DLC will look like in action. Isaac is a mid range character like Nathan Drake, but can hold his own with heavy attacks up close. Zeus on the other hands is an extremely slow, but powerful fighter in the veins of Big Daddy. The new stage also has some very interesting mechanics that add new platforms the longer you fighter thanks to the paint from The Unfinished Swan's world crashing in.

Its great to see that Santa Monica Studios is holding to their word and supporting this game regularly. There is even eight new costumes to download today and even give the newest characters Kat/Emmet a new costume to fight in. This also come with a bevy of brand new minions to pick up and fight with.

Check out the video above if you want to get a better look at these new fighters in action. How do you feel about these latest fighters coming to the All-Stars roster? Let us know your thoughts on them in the comments below.

Source: IGN

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