New Resident Evil: Relevations HD Screenshots Showcase Differences

By Melissa Evans on February 21, 2013, 4:21PM EST
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Resident Evil: Revelations was previously on the 3DS but this May it will be coming to Wii U, PS3, 360, and PC. To show the vast details that the HD console version has over 3DS, Capcom has released some handy comparison shots.

The 3DS version is pictured on the right and the HD version is pictured on the left of the screenshots below. Note the blood and the Oose monster that have been given a more eery look.

HD graphics isn't the only new feature Resident Evil: Revelations HD has to offer. It will have a new difficulty mode called infernal specifically made to challenge long time Resident Evil fans. In infernal mode there will be hordes of Ooze blocking your way. Playing the game on Normal or Casual will cause you to not face as many enemies.

Capcom also made small changes to the location of item boxes and other items such as ammunition. The new changes will challenge players and cause them to rethink what they previously went through in the 3DS version.

Resident Evil: Revelations will make its way to HD consoles and PC on May 21st in America and May 24th in Europe.

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