OUYA To Be Available At Retail in June

By Jared Scott on February 6, 2013, 9:49AM EST

According to a recent interview by The Wall Street Journal, the famous OUYA will be available at retail one month after shipping begins in March for Kickstarter backers.

While much of the interview covered details already listed on OUYA's Kickstarter page and official website, some new details have emerged. One of which includes that the OUYA has roughly 200 games total that are either being developed or are ready for the console's launch. Referencing AAA studios, it was also hinted that the port of Final Fantasy III will have content exclusive to the OUYA alone.

When discussing which retailers would sell the OUYA, the retailers Amazon, GameStop, Best Buy, and Target were confirmed, but no others have been mentioned.

Also CEO Julia Urhman mentioned that some of the Kickstarter funds went into the development of games for the OUYA and not the OUYA itself. When asked about the current consoles that have already launched, Urhman replied, "We don't need to beat Xbox or Sony or any console that enters the marketplace, we need to carve out our own niche".

When asked about the marketing expenses, Urhman instead vaguely talked about new ideas and plans for the OUYA without giving any real details. Additional funding was also brought up but all attention seems to be focused solely on building the product.

Ending its interview, The Wall Street Journal asked how many units would be shipped out for March. Urhman stated that while they have 68,000 backers the number of pre-orders increases each month and that they would prefer to not disclose actual numbers.

The OUYA will be available to all June of this year for the attractive price of $99.


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