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By Spencer Pressly on February 20, 2013, 7:16PM EST

The PlayStation 2013 Meeting in New york City is taking place right now and we will be bring you the up to date information as the event goes on.

5:00 The live stream started off in pure online tradition with a lot of lag and freezing during the opening montage.

5:09 The PlayStation 4 is announced as has been rumored ever since this events announcement.

5:17 The ne controller is shown off and looks very similar to the leaked pictures with a bit different looking sticks.

5:20 A tech demo is shown off showing a million items using only the GPU and none of the CPU.

5:21 Knack is shown off as the first official PS4 game that has a very cartoony artstyle.

5:22 Suspend/Resume will allow you to put your game on hold on allow you to hop back in next time you get on the PS4.

5:24 As soon as you download a game, you can start playing the game as soon as a fraction of the game has been downloaded.

5:25 A new menu will let you upload gameplay similar to Onlive, as well as watch friends play in real time.

5:26 PS4 will heavily be integrated with current devices on Vita, tablet, or smartphone.

5:27 PS4 will notice what you like and don't like and will even preload content on your system similar to PlayStation Plus.

5:29 David Perry from the company GaiKai has entered the conference and is working on the PS4 as speculated.

5:31 PSN will help be tailored made to the user thanks to GaiKai and will let you instantly try the game immediately.

5:32 Social networks like Facebook and Ustream will also be a part of the new PSN on the PS4.

5:33 With a press of a single button, you can play games as your friends watch, talk to you, leave comments, and even take over controls for you.

5:34 Developers will even have access to you and even allow the player to be affected in real time for the developers.

5:35 Broadcasting on Ustream will also be an option to show spectators online.

5:36 The Vita will be using remote play on the PS4 and will work in real time similar to how the Wii U's gamepad.

5:38 Expect to continue using your favorite entertainment services such as Netflix and Youtube on your PS4.

5:39 GaiKai is working on making PS1, PS2, and PS3 games work online for the PS4.

5:40 Expect to see more on GaiKai and the new and improved PSN in the near future.

5:40 Developers give their thoughts on the PS4 and we hear praise from Double Fine Studios, Ready at Dawn, and even the famous @yosp.

5:42 Personalization will bean integral part of the PS4 from seeing certain game ads on PSN.

5:43 Waiting will be a thing of the past, no more waiting for the game/system to boot up or even just buying a game.

5:44 Forget bringing friends over to play friends with the PS4, just live stream all of your gameplay with the brand new share button right on the controller.

5:47 Guerrilla Games comes onto the stage and are the first studio to show off the next entry in the Killzone franchise called Killzone Shadowfall.

5:49 The demo for Shadowfall shows off a very different bright setting compared to the past games.

5:52 The gameplay in Shadowfall seems very familiar to past games, but has a more realistic look as you play.

5:53 In case anyone was worried this is all gameplay being shown off for Shadowfall and is nothing like the CG tech demo from the PS3 announcement of Killzone 2. The graphical quality in Shadowfall really stands as being the best looking shooter anyone has ever seen so far.

5:56 A trailer for a new racing game called Driveclub is shown off and is sure to hold people over until Grand Turismo 6 is released on the PS4.

5:59 Driveclub is not just about racing in a competitive setting and will have lots of challenges for you and your friends to take on together in your own club.

6:00 Driveclub has an attention to detail not seen yet in any other racing game and really makes each car stand out as a visual stunner.

6:03 Nate Fox from Sucker Punch Production takes the stage to show off their next game.

6:05 This new exclusive is all about a world that is full of protection and a world that is on the verge of going out of control.

6:07 Infamous Second Son is the new title coming from Sucker Punch Production and looks like it will focus on the son of Cole Mcgrath from the past inFamous games.

6:09 Jon Blow is taking the stage to show off his next new game that will debut on the PS4 and that title is called The Witness.

6:11 The Witness is about an epiphany and makes sure you have the best experience for the amount of time you put into the game playing it.

6:12 The Witness will last around 25 hours and exclusive to the PS4 at launch. The first trailer shows off the vibrant environments as well as puzzles you will be solving in the game.

6:15The gameplay demo for Killzone Shadowfall was uploaded onto the Killzone facebook page from the PS4 right as that demo ended there.

6:16 David Cage takes the stage to show how he wants to take putting emotion into games with the PS4.

6:18Quantic Dreams has a brand new engine made just for running games on the PS4 and still doesn't seem to have passed the uncanny valley. Adding a body to the head might help that in the future.

6:22 Media Molecule talks about how they are now finally in love with the PlayStation Move controller. They have now helped making hand drawing and sculpting even easier with the Move controller.

6:27 Sony has gotten almost every major 3rd party publisher to help support the PS4 from NA, EU, and JP. Now Yoshinori Ono from Capcom steps onto the stage.

6:29 Ono is given a little history on how Sony has been a big part in creating some of their most loved series over the years.

6:31 MT Frameworks also has a new engine to run on the PS4 and this will be part of a brand new IP for Capcom.

6:33 Deep Down is this new game and apparently no one told Capcom that they released a game called Dragon's Dogma last year, but the game still looks like another beautiful addition. Square Enix now is mention lets hear whats next from Yoshihisa Hashimoto.

6:36 SE wants to show off a real time tech demo and not an actually game (sigh now FF7 remake fans). The demo is made from the Luminous engine.

6:37 Agni's Philosophy was apparently running on the PS4 at E3 2012 since this is the exact same demo from then so far.

6:40 Square Enix must be really busy with all these games we want to play since we got the exact same demo as E3 with Agni's Philosophy.

6:41 The PS4 seems to be not only a gamers best friend, but a developers best friend as well. Oh wait SE wants to share one last announcement.

6:42 SE is making "A Final Fantasy Title" I hope you all picked your jaws off the ground after hearing that.

6:43 Ubisoft now takes the stage to continue what they were talking about last E3. Lets hope we hear some more news about Watch Dogs soon.

6:45 Watch Dogs begins to talk about the inter connectivity of the world you can control in the game. Now we get a full blown new demo of the game.

6:46 The demo starts off with you walking around during the day and the graphics are just as much of a stand out now as they were back at E3 2012.

6:48 The city really feels alive and not just filled with active NPCs. Watch Dogs isn't all guns and explosions and seems to have a lot of carried gameplay from stealth and even chases.

6:50 Along with controlling every bit of connected technology to your disposal, you can even use bullet time to slow down the world around you.

6:51 The demo comes to a close by a camera with a almost user like name above it trying to hack you. We hope to see more footage from Ubisoft soon and now Blizzard Entertainment has come on stage.

6:52 Blizzard and Sony have entered into a "strategic relationship" and have finally gone back to their ties on the console markets, not just PC/Mac.

6:54The PS4 and even PS3 will be bringing Diablo III to consoles. The game is already up and running on PS3. Four player co-op will also be a new part of the game and even individual player control.

6:56 Expect to see more information soon about Diablo III in the coming months and at Pax East 2013 next month.

6:57 Activision now takes the stage and lets hope we get some exclusive Call of Duty DLC and not another Declassified.

6:58 All Activision has to say at this meeting is that a lot of developers are excited to make these PS4 games possible. Not just any developers, Bungie also says a few words about their next game Destiny running on the PS4.

7:02 Destiny will not only be on the PS3, but the PS4 at launch. Exclusive DLC will only be on the PlayStation family. Take that after missing every Halo game ever Sony fans.

7:03 The meeting is winding down, ending with a sizzle reel of all the games as well as tech demos shown off during the meeting tonight.

Thank you all for joining us on this PlayStation Meeting 2013 and hope you enjoined!

We now know that the PlayStation 4 is coming and even got a peek at some of the exciting new franchises we can all expect to see in the near future. We got a look at the new controller, network options, and even new partnerships. So from Infamous Second Son to a brand new Watch Dogs demo, what was your favorite part of the meeting tonight?

To watch the coverage live as well just head here for the live stream. Be sure to let us know what you think of all of the new information in the comments below.

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