Rumor Has It That Final Fantasy X HD Will Be Out In June

By Melissa Evans on February 27, 2013, 4:12PM EST

The HD remake of Final Fantasy X could be here sooner then we think as rumors are stating that it will be out in June. This is to say that this is the Japanese release but the international version probably wouldn't be far behind.

Destination PlayStation is currently going on in Arizona and attendees have claimed the updated graphics for Final Fantasy X are on par with Final Fantasy XIII. If this is true then the game will look quite impressive. Rumors are also floating around that Final Fantasy X-2 could be being remade as well. This could justify the long wait for the release.

Surprisingly a June release seems like a very good idea since this summer are usually a slow time for game releases. Square Enix doesn't really have have any major releases between Tomb Raider and Final Lightning Returns: Fantasy XIII so releasing it in summer would fill the void.

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