Squigly Skullgirls Crowd Funding Project Compleatly Funded After One Day

By Melissa Evans on February 26, 2013, 2:27PM EST

Lab Zero Games started an Indiegogo project for a new DLC character named Squigly for the indie fighter Skullgirls. The goal of $150,000 was met in almost 24 hours after its launch. This really shows how far fans will go to support their favourite games and how they wish help in its growth process.

The project is still going on for another 30 days and anyone can contribute. Since the goal for Sguigly DLC has been met there will now be bonuses if more people keep donating. At $175,000 Sguigly will get her own story mode and special stage. The games first male fighter, Big Band will be added at $375,000 and he will also get his own stage at $400,000. The $600,000 and $625,000 bench marks will add another character but this time fans will get to choose what character to be added.

Currently the project will go on until March 27th and you can support the continued effort here. There are a few interesting rewards for donating such as a digital copy of the soundtrack and a Steam Code for the PC version.

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