Supergiant Games' Writer Sheds Light On Transistor

By Jared Scott on March 25, 2013, 6:35PM EST

You may know of Supergiant Games and their popular, pseudo-Western game, Bastion. If that's the case, then you likely heard of their newest game, Transistor, which was announced in PAX East.

Greg Kasavin, writer and director of Bastion, sat down with Kotaku to discuss both the story and gameplay elements of Transistor. Kasavin described Transistor as "a science fiction-themed action RPG in which you discover this weapon of immense power, and use it to defend against forces that are going to try to stop at nothing to get it back from you as you navigate this futuristic city."

Instead of mimicking the gameplay of Bastion, Kasavin described how the goal is to make Transistor feel more strategic like "turned-based tactical games in a fast-action context" while still being an action RPG.

Similarly to Bastion, the story will keep the player moving forward and there will be a voice who guides the player. That voice will be the weapon named "Transistor" who is voiced by none other than Logan Cunningham, the beloved narrator of Bastion. Kasavin did state specifically that Cunningham's role will not be the same as in Bastion. The Transistor will still comment on what's happening in-game and give advice, though.

Transistor is slated for a 2014 release date, but no details regarding platform release have been given.

Source: oprainfall

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