Controversial 'Tropes vs. Women' Series Launches Today

By Spencer Pressly on March 8, 2013, 6:58PM EST

Tropes vs. Women is the extremely successful and controversial Kickstarter campaign by Anita Sarkeesian. This series starts by talking all about the 'damsel in distress' trope that many video games and mediums have used for many years.

This is the first part of a very in depth look about how women are represented by Sarkeesian. The Kickstarter campaign and past videos have related in many people getting so upset at her that she has even gotten death threats online.

You can see what became of her small KickStarter project in the source below and watch the video below. What are your thoughts on the talk about how woman are represented in video games and entertainment modern day society? Let us know in the comments below and lets keep the death threats to a minimum people.

Source: Kickstarter

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