Deadpool: The Game's Juvenile But Awesome Trailer Arrives

By Spencer Pressly on March 6, 2013, 5:37PM EST

The always crazy Deadpool announced that he was getting his own game last year and now there is a brand new trailer to bring the awesome. This newest trailer gives a good look at the action gameplay that mixes his guns and sword gameplay.

More importantly you will be getting a face full of that always charming Deadpool wit and 4th grade humor. High Moon Studios has really captured the zany antics of Deadpool off in these trailers, but we don't know what the gameplay will look like in the end at this point.

So has this trailer convinced you to get a sign that says "I <3 DP" on it yet or curious enough to touch Cable's chest? Let us know what you think of this newest trailer in the comments below.

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