GameStop: PS4 To Launch Globally In 2013

By Darryl Kaye on March 31, 2013, 3:13PM EST

GameStop has stated that the PlayStation 4 is due to launch in 2013, not just in North America and Japan, but also in Europe as part of a global launch for the platform.

The news comes from Michael Hogan, the Executive Vice President of Strategy Business and Brand Development, as he was speaking on a conference call with financial analysts.

Hogan said: "We know that Sony will introduce the PlayStation 4 globally in 2013, but we are still waiting to see what Microsoft's final plans are."

This will come as fantastic news to gamers in Europe, who were forced to suffer when the PlayStation 3 released. While Japan and North America saw the console in November of 2006, Europeans had to wait until March of 2007. Likewise, with the PlayStation Vita, Japan saw the console release in December of 2011 while North America and Europe didn't receive the console until February of 2012.

Sony had previously stated that the PS4 would release in 2013, but didn't say which territories this release would apply to. However, we do know that they're planning to ship 16 million consoles this year as part of their launch operations.

There is still no word on price yet and Sony is yet to unveil exactly what the PlayStation 4 will look like. This is likely to happen at this year's E3. However, they have mentioned that unlike the launch of the PlayStation 3 in Japan and North America, there will be plenty of launch titles available.

Source: Xbitlabs

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