Hot Shots Golf: World Invitation Gets Feature Patch And New DLC

By Jared Scott on March 14, 2013, 2:03PM EST

Vita owners have a reason to play golf today, because not only is Hot Shots Golf: World Invitation receiving a feature filled patch, but new DLC courses and three characters from Gravity Rush are now available for purchase.

One of the highlighted features of patch 1.05 is a new "Turned Base Challenge" mode. This is convenient for those who can't always schedule to be part of golfing tournaments by allowing you and your friends to take turns in what was described as an "asynchronous competition." You can also play in 20 parallel games at any time. In order to prevent cheating, re-dos will not be allowed. Messages similar to SMS will now be enabled as well a competitive high score history with friends.

For multiplayer rooms, 4-player stroke mode has been enabled. A slot machine mechanic is now available for online and adhoc mode which will create a gambling style of handicap per hole. Finally, the update includes a new visual for the lobby.

As far as DLC goes, the courses Mt. Sakura and Northern Fox from the previous installments have been added for purchase as well as the brand new Mar Cielo. The DLC characters are Kat, Erika, and Gloria from Gravity Rush.

While the patch is obviously free, each DLC character will be $.99 a piece and the courses will be $2.99 a piece. If you want to buy them all at once, they are available in a complete pack for $11.99 or $8.99 if you are a PlayStation Plus member.

Source: PlayStation.Blog

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