Pachter Slates Nintendo, Says Iwata Is A 'Poor CEO'

By Darryl Kaye on March 11, 2013, 4:19PM EST
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Michael Pachter is never afraid to give his opinion and in his latest episode of the "Pach Attack", he goes on the offensive against Nintendo.

When talking about the hardware industry, Pachter said he doesn't see them being able to compete for much longer, if trends continue. "I think Nintendo is no longer able to compete the way they did in the past and sell their consoles at a big profit."

Pachter continued by providing examples related to their recent console launches: "I think that the Wii, when it first launched they were probably making about $100 of profit per unit. I think the DS when it first launched was probably generating about $50 of profit per unit. The 3DS I think is barely making a profit. The Wii U I think is barely making a profit - I'm talking 5 or 10 bucks per unit."

Outside of his assessment of the company in a general sense, Pachter also reserve special criticism for Satoru Iwata, the current CEO of Nintendo. He believes that Iwata is too rooted in tradition.

"I think Mr. Iwata's a pretty poor CEO," said Pachter. "I think he's done a very poor job running the company. I have a neutral rating on Nintendo, but I have to say only because their cash level supports their current share price. It's a bad company that doesn't make money."

Source: GameTrailers

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