Rumour: Mural Shows Grand Theft Auto V's Partial Box Art

By Darryl Kaye on March 31, 2013, 6:02PM EST

Courtesy of a handy photographer, we could have what looks to be the first glimpse at the official box art for Grand Theft Auto V.

The photograph showcases a mural on the side of a building. It was taken in Manhattan and although incomplete, it clearly shows off the title of the game, Grand Theft Auto V. The mural also contains the classic "Rating Pending" symbol in the bottom-left corner, thanks to the ESRB.

Grand Theft Auto V was due to launch in the early part of 2013, but was delayed until the 17th of September by Take Two Interactive, Rockstar Games' publisher. At the time of the delay, Take Two were still confident the game would sell well, despite the PlayStation 4 releasing towards the end of this year.

Many games have been penned in for cross-platform release on both the PS3 and PS4, but at present GTA 5 remains a PS3, Xbox 360 and PC release.

When there's more news about the game's box art, we'll be sure to let you guys know. However, it's been noted that Rockstar Games did a similar stunt for the release of Grand Theft Auto 4's box art back in 2007.

Source: Kotaku

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