SimCity Suffers From Server Problems

By Melissa Evans on March 6, 2013, 9:32PM EST

The new SimCity a remake that was released yesterday is the first SimCity game in 10 years, and already does the game suffer from server problems. Like Diablo 3 SimCity requires constant Internet connection even to run single-player modes. Many players have been reporting long delays for the original download as well as the server space that is required to play.

Last night Origin's tweeter account released updates that failed to give enough information that pertained to these problems:

[[quote]]'We are aware of an issue affecting customers trying to download The Digital Deluxe edition of SimCity. We are working to correct this issue.

We are continuing to resolve download issues with the Digital Deluxe version of SimCity. Thank you for your patience!

We have resolved issues affecting SimCity downloads. Due to server load it may take up to three hours for your game to unlock.'[[/quote]]

EA needs to learn that if you want to make a game online only you must make sure that the servers are strong enough for the task. It might be that this is a similar problem that occurred with Diablo 3 where the developers didn't consider that game would have such a massive demand in the first few hours of its launch. This is indeed an embarrassing launch for EA but hopefully they can bounce back and move past the issues that occurred last night.

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