Adam Orth Deals With Resignation Following Xbox 720 Tweets

By Stew Chyou on April 12, 2013, 5:30PM EST

Many of you may remember Adam Orth, now former gaming exec at Microsoft, causing waves last week with a set of ignorant tweets made in the defense of the always-on rumored feature to come with the Xbox 720.

These tweets include classics such as "deal with it" made into a hashtag, saying that he doesn't "get the drama" of always on, and, in response to the subject of rural locations and their less than fortunate internet coverage, tweeted "Why on earth would I live there?"

It's been claimed that the exchange between Orth and Manveer Heir (senior game designer of Bioware) on Twitter was merely the two 'just kidding' around, however the exuberant backlash received, which included death threats, proves that the joke's on Orth. It caused him to lock his Twitter account and delete his LinkedIn profile. Since then, Microsoft has issued a public apology. Not surprisingly, the concerns of always-on was not addressed.

This week, Orth has been reported to have signed his resignation from Microsoft. Whether this was voluntary or forced remains to be confirmed. While the always-on feature will remain as a hot topic until the Xbox 720's reveal, Orth's actions has earned him a rightful spot amongst the ranks of John Romero, Mike Wilson, and David Jaffe for their examples on poor communication.

For a technophile that praises 'high end development', Orth has forgotten that in staying connected the always-on feature of how word spreads uncontrollably has magnified while doing wonders on consequence. But hey, at least he'll be able to pass the time with his internet connection and mobile devices.

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