Asher Vollmer Leaves Thatgamecompany

By Jared Scott on April 6, 2013, 7:31AM EST

Asher Vollmer announced on his Tumblr that he has left thatgamecompany in order to pursue his goals as an independent game developer.

Vollmer explained that while his ten months with thatgamecompany had been a time of close connections, he felt that it was time to move on to pursue his own ideas. He explained that while the new game currently under development at thatgamecompany was an "IMPORTANT game" that would "change the industry in a really positive way", he just didn't have the heart to continue.

Vollmer talked how he loved his job for the first few months, but that development would go by so slowly that it became frustrating. While he knows thatgamecompany's new game will be great, it still will takes years to complete it.

He also mentioned how he had many great ideas for games, but his work at thatgamecompany led him to often sweep his ideas under the rug to focus on work. While he knows that thatgamecompany is considered by many to be "indie", Vollmer feels that by leaving his place of employment that he can become indie in the sense of working on his projects and not someone else's.

Ending his post on Tumblr, Asher said goodbye with this statement: "Guys, I'm going to be a little selfish now. I'm going to do my own thing. I hope that's okay".

Source: tumblr

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