Capcom May Outsource Fewer Games

By Jared Scott on April 18, 2013, 9:26AM EST

Though Capcom's fiscal year has been noted as an improvement over the previous year, Capcom still had a loss of 7.3 billion yen.

This has been attributed to "the sudden and significant changes in the operating environment of the Digital Contents business" which has led Capcom to reevaluate and restructure the way they do business.

Part of this restructuring will include "a larger focus on DLC, and bringing more of its development in-house, rather than outsourcing." While no one was named, Capcom claims that the overall quality in games they have outsourced has noticeably decreased.

Their revised forecast shows that profits are down by 55.4 percent. This has also led to reduced estimates on sales regarding flagship titles such as Devil May Cry.

While focusing more on DLC may not be the best way to please fans, the overall restructuring could be of great benefit to Capcom and, in turn, gamers.

Source: Gamasutra

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