Dragon Fantasy Book I Gets Re-Released On PS3 and PS Vita

By Jared Scott on April 15, 2013, 3:19PM EST

To celebrate the release of Dragon Fantasy Book II on the PS3 and PS Vita, the Muteki Corporation is taking Dragon Fantasy Book I and re-releasing it with updated graphics.

The update has been described as an SNES special edition of a NES game. This means that there will be cleaner edges plus more shading and details for monsters and maps. For shops, they will have walls and roofs that disappear once you enter them.

Muteki Corporation also boast that the improved inventory UI from Dragon Fantasy Book II will be integrated into Book I. This makes navigating and manipulating items less of a hassle for players. A new dungeon will be available at Chapter 2 that will give players access to new weapons and lots of money.

Cross-Buy and Cross-Save will be enabled for the game, so your progress in the Vita version will transfer over to the PS3. Trophies will also be included for DFNI, but Platinum trophies will not be awarded.

This game will be available for the PSN Spring Fever event for a 20 percent discount for PlayStation Plus members.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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