Eliza Gets Voted In As The 4th Skullgirls DLC Character

By Melissa Evans on April 28, 2013, 4:54AM EST

For the past month people who have donated to the Indiegogo Keep Skullgirls Growing campaign have been voting once a week to decide the 4th character that will make it into the game as DLC. The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd characters will be Squigly, Big Band, and Robo-Fortune. There were 23 characters to choose from and this round Eliza the celebrity diva has made it through. Eliza will be able to control her own blood in battle. She takes inspiration from characters such as A.B.A from Guilty Gear, Jedah from Darkstalkers, and Litchi Faye Ling from BlazBlue.

Another character from the original list has another chance of being voted in by donators once the voting begins again.

Skullgirls will be releasing on Steam this summer with preorders said to start 2 weeks before release. DLC colors for each of the current characters are scheduled to come out on May 7th for $1 per pack. In addition a patch for the 360 version will be available on that day as well.

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