GameStick Game Console Delayed Until June

By Jared Scott on April 9, 2013, 8:39AM EST

According to a recent Kickstarter update, the Android based console will miss its release date of April and be will instead be launched on the 10th of June. The update also states that those who pre-ordered will likely receive their console at the end of June.

The GameStick is a controller sized game system that has a Bluetooth plug for a TV's HDMI slot. At $79, the Android Jelly Bean console has, perhaps, enough similarities to the OUYA to be a competitor.

The reason for the delay was a bit of a strange one. "Whilst we would have liked to ship earlier, we are... victims of the success we have created together," said a statement from the company. "It is so rare to get the opportunity to deliver a project of this scale and we need to ensure we don't trip over ourselves."

While they extended the shipping date to avoid slip-ups, it could be argued that this decision in itself is a slip-up. This is not only because delays look bad, but also due to the fact that June 10 is six days after the shipping date of the OUYA.

With two indie friendly and financially conscious Android-based consoles releasing this June, it will be interesting to see if either can shake the gaming market.

Source: Gamasutra

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