God of War: Ascension Patch 1.04 Now Live

By Darryl Kaye on April 20, 2013, 9:41AM EST

Sony has released God of War: Ascension patch 1.04 to the public, while also announcing that this weekend will offer Double XP for those who're interested in the multiplayer.

Patch 1.04, which has been dubbed the "Elite Update" sees an increase to the current level cap within the multiplayer component of the game. The allegiance level cap has now been raised to 40, allowing you to become an "Elite Champion."

To go along with the increased level cap, new God items have been added as well as two new relics and an ultimate magic for each allegiance.

Update 1.04 for God of War: Ascension doesn't end there though, as the Player Stat Card has been added. This means you're now able to access stats to see how you're performing. Examples of stats include kill/death ratio, wins and losses.

This update wasn't just about improvements to the experience from a functional perspective. Balancing has also taken place, to make sure the gameplay is fairer across the board. Zeus' Spear now uses the correct damage multiplayers, while the Hades Spear has had its stats adjusted. The Medusa armour has been made easier to acquire, while Poseidon's Heal Magic will scale with the rank of the magic.

When looking at bugs, patch 1.04 fixes quite a few of the major ones. Spartans no longer get stuck in a stoned state if they are hit by the Hammer of Helios explosion. There are also numerous audio fixes, so that there's more consistency and less chance for it to glitch out when certain activities are performed.

In short, patch 1.04 for God of War: Ascension fixes quite a few things, adds even more and balances quite a lot. Plus, there's also the Double XP weekend that started on Friday and ends on Monday morning at 10am PDT. This will apply to all multiplayer modes.

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