Microsoft To Reveal Next Xbox On May 21st

By Arturo Molina on April 24, 2013, 1:34PM EST

After weeks of rumors, it's been revealed that Microsoft unrveil their next generation console to the world on the 21st of May.

The news comes from Kotaku, who received an invitation to the next Xbox reveal. It will take place in Redmond, Washington on Tuesday, May 21st at 10am.

The invitation also revealed that Don Mattrick and the entire Xbox team will be on hand for the unveiling event. This suggests Microsoft are planning to go all guns blazing for the event.

As well as the gaming press being able to attend the event in person, it will also be live-streamed on, Xbox Live and in North America, it will also be streamed on Spike TV.

With E3 2013 only a few months away, it will be interesting to see how Microsoft handle this press conference. It would make sense if they use this as more of a tease, like Sony did with the PS4.

Either way, this will make for a very exciting E3 2013, as the spotlight will be on both Sony and Microsoft, as they vie for consumer buy-in.

Source: Kotaku

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