Pandora's Tower North American Release Date Revealed

By Jared Scott on April 4, 2013, 2:09PM EST

In January, we told you that Xseed would be bringing Pandora's Tower to the US this Spring, but no specific date was given. That's no longer the case. Pandora's Tower will be releasing in the North America on April 16th, less than two weeks from now.

Pandora's Tower was one of the Wii exclusive RPGs along with The Last Story and XenoBlade Chronicles that lead to Operation Rainfall, a movement to bring the RPGs to the United States. While it seemed that Pandora's Tower would not make it, Xseed took the initiative to publish the game for the US.

Pandora's Tower was given a fair 7 out of 10 by Gaming Union when is was released in Europe as its story was praised. The emphasis on time was also seen as a positive.

Though it took time, it looks like the cries of American fans and the efforts of Operation Rainfall were indeed not in vain.

Source: Operation Rainfall

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