Skyrim, Final Fantasy VII Reach New Heights In The Classic FM Hall Of Fame

By Jared Scott on April 2, 2013, 3:02PM EST

Both Skyrim and Final Fantasy VII have managed to reach the Top 5 of the Classic FM Hall of Fame, allowing video game music to further its quest for wider recognition.

Dragonborn, the theme of Skyrim, shot up from its 2012 rank by 233 places to take a cozy rest at 5th out of 300. Elsewhere, Aerith's Theme took a rise also from placing at 16th to now at 3rd place. There was also room for a track from Viva Pinata too.

While the final rankings are sure to anger some who prefer the works of Mozart and Beethoven, this event just goes to show that video games can be so much more than fancy graphics, head shots, and foul-mouthed children.

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