Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy Soundtrack Available On iTunes

By Jared Scott on April 3, 2013, 12:33PM EST

The soundtrack for Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy has made its way onto the North American iTunes store in the form of four separate albums.

Each album has its name derived from what part of the game the songs were played in. The four albums are titled, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy EMS, Chaos Shrine, FMS, and BMS.

It is also worth noting that these albums are composed of the original soundtracks of the Final Fantasy games and are not re-mastered or rearranged from their respective games. While some may already own most of the music from other soundtracks and arrangements, those who are not regular OST purchasers may find interest in the four diverse albums.

Each of the four albums can be downloaded for either $8.97 or $9.99 a piece.

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