Weapons Enthusiasts Do Kingdom Hearts Proud, Make Replica Keyblade

By Lauren Alessandra on April 15, 2013, 5:08PM EST

After receiving tons of requests from fans of the Kingdom Hearts series, Tony Swatton has finally decided to produce a realistic replica of Sora's original keyblade, the Kingdom Key, on his Youtube show, Man at Arms.

Although cosplayers have been making Kingdom Keys for years for their Sora cosplays, most haven't had the sort of blacksmith training Man at Arms host Tony Swatton has. Commonly, cosplayers will use other materials to compensate like plywood, which is why Tony Swatton's keyblade it so special.

Instead of going down the typical route, the Man at Arms crew made their Kingdom Hearts Keyblade from aluminium and it took them quite a while too.

Not only that, but Swatton managed to recreate the Keyblade into a functioning, razor sharp, vase smashing machine. One that we all knew our brave hero Sora would have realistically wielded.

To see the creation of Tony Swatton's Kingdom Key, check out the video below. This will make any Kingdom Hearts fan jealous.

Elsewhere in the Kingdom Hearts universe, there isn't a great deal to talk about. The last major release was Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, but Square Enix are still loath to officially announce Kingdom Hearts 3 - something that fans have been craving for years. Who knows, they may just get their wish at E3 2013, but we've been saying that for quite some time now.

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