Action Packed Dragon's Crown Character Videos Detail The Dwarf And Elf

By Melissa Evans on May 26, 2013, 12:03AM EST

This week Altus USA showed off their latest character videos about the key characters in Dragon's Crown. This time we get a look at the two battlefield experts the Dwarf and Elf. Check out the character videos bellow along with the descriptions for them provided by Altus.

The Dwarf uses his brawn to fling enemies across the battlefield or his dual weapons to demolish foes where they stand. The Dwarf's small stature is made up with acrobatic movement, as he catapults himself around the battlefield to close gaps or escape danger.

The Elf combines the power of nature with the deadly sniping capabilities of a ranger. She can charge her bow with elemental power to rain destruction on enemies, but players need to be mindful of the number of arrows in her quiver. When enemies get up close and personal, she uses lightning-quick kicks and slides to neutralize the danger and can backflip to safety.

Be sure to watch these and other character videos on Altus USA's youtube page and get excited for Dragon's Crown for PS3 and Vita releasing on August 6th. Pre-orders and first run-printings of the game come with a 64-page full color Dragon's Crown Artworks book.

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