Check Out Sonic: Lost World's Vibrant Debut Trailer

By Melissa Evans on May 29, 2013, 12:45AM EDT
Wii U3DS

Today Sega revealed the first trailer for the newest Sonic The Hedgehog game exclusive to Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, Sonic: Lost World.

Sonic's new enemies The Deadly Six, the mysterious figures that were teased this past weekend are brought to life. It seems they are only there to bully the small creatures, but their agenda will be touched at a later date. We also get a look at Sonic's new moves including a wall run, climbing, and some high-speed maneuvers that allow him to bounce around stages with ease. Check out the trailer bellow courtesy of IGN.

No release date has been confirmed at this time but the game will launch sometime by the end of 2013. Sonic: Lost World will be at E3 2013 so expect more information on this title in the next coming weeks.

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