Club Nintendo Refunds Super Metriod Purchases For Wii U Owners

By Jared Scott on May 9, 2013, 9:24AM EST
Wii U

Due to Super Metroid getting a reduced price of $0.30, Club Nintendo is refunding Wii U owners 150 coins while letting customers keep their download code.

The Super Metroid price drop, which begins May 15, is a special promotion for those with a Wii U. Because many downloaded the game in April for 150 coins, Nintendo decided that it would be unfair for Wii U owners to spend their hard earned coins on a game that would soon be available for a measly $0.30. If you exchanged your coins for Super Metroid, you should soon receive an e-mail like the one below.

While corrections like these are not common, it is certainly a win-win situation for Wii U owners.

Source: WiiUDaily

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